Volunteers Needed

Volunteer Trainers

Are you a UK based professional dog trainer/behaviourist with an interest in Assistance Dog work? We are a UK Charity that is continually looking for nationwide experienced, registered dog trainers/behaviourists to join our volunteer team. For this remote position, you must have, either a degree in a related subject such as:

Animal Behaviour & Welfare
Human Animal Interaction & Psychology
Animal Training & Performance
Canine Behaviour and Management 

Or, have a minimum of two years full time employment with mentored training in a full time animal training role. We expect to see evidence of CPD in relevant animal related courses, a current registration with a recognised training organisation (for example, APDT, IMDT or equivalent) plus experience training clients on a 1:1 basis.

As a PADs Foundation Volunteer Trainer you would be required to provide a minimum of one hour in person training consultation per month with one of our In Training Members and a follow up report. You will be required to attend team zoom meetings on occasion to review progress/give feedback/get updates. All our volunteer trainers need to follow our code of ethics and follow the LIMA standards of practise.

We will provide you with all the materials for training to work through with our In Training Member, support for specific Task related behaviour training as well as annual volunteer training on Mental Health topics, Data Protection and the option to attend Animal Welfare and Training seminars at Cardiff and Cambridge Universities when they occur.

Who we are

You will report to our canine development coordinator Rima.

Please email rima@pads.foundation to register your interest.


We are looking for a Grant Writer/Development Manager with experience in the charity sector to develop partnerships and seek out and apply for suitable grants to help us fund our future development. We are looking for an experienced, inspiring and tenacious Grant Writer to join our team.

As an ambassador for PADs Foundation, you will have the ability to build positive professional relationships that transform into delivering successful restricted and unrestricted grants.

You will be articulate, confident and able to present engrossing copy for the realisation of successful funding bids. A team player with excellent communications skills and initiative, coupled with good IT knowledge and attention to detail are also essential for this role.

You will work from home with minimum supervision so this would suit someone with enough experience to make decisions within guidelines, and sound judgement to know when to escalate.

We have a monthly remote team meeting you would on occasion need to attend.

Who we are

So if you are inspired to help us please contact our fundraising contact zoe@pads.foundation.