Welcome to Sarah & Maggie…

Welcome to Sarah & Maggie…

We would like to introduce you all to Sarah and Maggie one of our In Training members. All assistance dogs need to learn how to behave when out in public spaces. As you can see Maggie is sitting quietly under the chair while Sarah, her handler, awaits her eye appointment. Well done Sarah and Maggie keep up the good work.

“Yesterday I had an eye appointment. We took Maggie with us and here is a photo of her waiting with me. We were there over 1 1/2 hours and she was very good. I think she is doing really well, especially as we have not been out in the last 8 weeks due to building work and me not being well. She is a little monkey at home, but wonderful when out.

Maggie joined the family when I was just coming out of crisis. I had been in desperate depression and was contemplating suicide. She gave me hope and something to concentrate on, something really joyous and loving. Since I had my breakdown in 2008, I have put on over 10 stone in weight and Maggie showed me that it’s ok to be me. She taught me to accept myself and is showing me the way forward with my life. I look to her for support when we are out and about, being with her, teaching her new things and experiences in life gives me so much hope and joy. She gives me confidence and eases my anxiety in return because I am never alone – she understands me and really helps me to move forward.

She is a little monkey at home, always playing and running around with my other 3 rescue dogs, but when her harness goes on she transforms into my psychiatric assistance dog (in training) and together we can face the world. She has changed my life and now she shares my journey to health, self acceptance and peace of mind”

Sarah (In Training PADs Member)