What We Are

We are committed to improving the quality of life and independence of people with psychiatric disabilities, by having a psychiatric assistance dog.

This has two advantages:

1. To reduce the pressures on the National Health & Mental Health Service by helping registered members of pads.foundation to gain independence through the use of their Psychiatric Assistance Dogs.

2. To reduce the need for a carer which not only increases self-esteem and independence but also reduces care-costs.

We provide information on the rights of Psychiatric Assistance dog users, information on how to train your own dog. We provide help with choosing the right breed and individual dog as a psychiatric assistance dog as well as information on the Public Access test needed for you to gain membership. We will be providing resources for the public and businesses and friends, family and carers.

To utilise an assistance dog, regardless of the type of disability, a handler must qualify as disabled under the Equality Act of 2010. This means that their disability must have a substantial and long-term adverse effect on their ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities. Psychological assistance dogs in other countries have been used by people with a wide variety of diagnoses, including Major Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety Disorders, PTSD, and Schizophrenia.

PADs UK does not discriminate based upon diagnosis (or anything else, for that matter) and is open to recipients with any psychological condition with recommendation from their Dr or psychiatrist. Potential clients will be assessed to assure that they would benefit from an assistance dog, that they can provide for the dog’s needs, and that the use of the assistance dog would complement their treatment plan.

Please see Paws for Access

Purposes of the Charity

The purpose of the Psychiatric Assistance Dogs Foundation are to relieve those in need as a result of having a psychiatric disability by:

a) Education or training persons with a psychiatric disability in the proper and safe use of their psychiatric assistance dog;

b) Raising public awareness of psychiatric disabilities and the benefits of assistance dogs to persons with such a disability;

c) Otherwise supporting persons with a psychiatry disability in particular with their ownership and use of an assistance dog with a view to promoting their independence in society.

Psychiatric Assistance Dogs Foundation (PADs Foundation) has been entered into the Register of Charities as of 21st June 2017 with the Registered Charity Number 1173512