Service User Terms & Conditions


Psychiatric Assistance Dogs Foundation (PADs Foundation or PADs) members are bound by our Regulations and Policies as listed below. Please note that the following statements will need to apply to you:

  • I am 18 years or older
  • I already have a dog of suitable age and breed
  • I have minimum of 1 years mental health diagnosis that severely impacts my day to day living
  • I am a U.K. Citizen or I have an ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain) status
  • I have access to a computer with internet access
  • I have a minimum of 3rd party insurance for my dog
  • I have a sponsor that would look after my dog if I was ill or unable to take full ownership if needed and provide a suitable environment and means to care for the dog


The purpose of this Policy is to outline PADs Terms and Conditions of Membership.

Policy Statement

PADs membership and its rights are personal to the member and are not transferable.

Terms of Use

Psychiatric Assistance Dogs Foundation (PADs Foundation or PADs) is a voluntary registry for those who meet the legal requirements for a Psychiatric Assistance Dog. Your membership registration is voluntary and subject to termination if moderators of PADs learn of any fraud, misrepresentation, or any other grounds they deem appropriate to terminate this relationship for the Handler and their dog. In order to register, you must abide and agree to PADs agreements at the time of registration, which are reproduced below. Once registration, psychiatrist and veterinary forms are submitted, they are final and cannot be cancelled.

Termination of Registration

If any registration does not meet the legal criteria agreed to in the Assistance Dog Agreement, the registration will be invalidated. Failure to comply with the agreements and falsely misrepresenting an Assistance Dog will mean you won’t be able to register with PADs. If for any reason it is found that your registration was submitted with false information and does not adhere to the legal standards of a Psychiatric Assistance Dog, PADs reserves the right to invalidate your registration number and any fees for membership are non-refundable.

Assistance Dog Agreement

PADs Assistance Dog Agreement: I acknowledge that my completion of the application process is to voluntarily register my Assistance Dog into PAD’s Foundation membership registry. Doing so will provide me with identification materials to help others identify my Assistance Dog. Furthermore, I certify that my Assistance Dog will be trained to assist me with my psychiatric disability. I am not registering for fraudulent misrepresentation of an Assistance Dog, and understand that my dog must meet the legal requirements in order for this registration and identification materials to be valid and to receive the privileges, including access into housing and public places with an Assistance Dog. Additionally, I understand that laws regarding Assistance Dogs are subject to change in the future, and I will continue to abide by all current regulations. Should any access or privilege issues arise, I hold Psychiatric Assistance Dogs Foundation (PADs) and its agents harmless, and understand PADs can provide no guarantees that landlords or any other third parties will be compliant and non discriminatory with access and privileges protected by laws regarding services animals. Once I become a registered member I will have to work with a registered dog trainer at least once a month.

Assistance Dog Evaluation Agreement

Your Rights

I have the right to withhold or withdraw my consent to the use of my application at any time. This may terminate my application. The computer technology used by PADs to hold the Psychiatrist Form, Veterinary Practice Form and my application are encrypted to prevent the unauthorised access to my private medical information.

I understand that while my own email correspondence may be used to communicate with my mental health professional and veterinary practice, confidentiality of emails cannot be guaranteed.

I understand that I have a right to access my application and all of the information about me stored by PADs.

Your Responsibilities

I understand that I am responsible for (1) providing the necessary computer, telecommunications equipment and internet access to complete my registration; (2) securing information on my computer.

Release of Information

This authorises information from my records and from this evaluation to be shared between my assigned Mental Health Professional and the agents of PADs Foundation. I give permission to my assigned licensed Mental Health Professional and Veterinary Practice to release this information to PADs (via the Psychiatrist form and Vets Form) and its agents for the purpose of delivery, payment processing, and completion of my Assistance Dog membership. I understand that this authorisation is valid for exactly one year from the date this agreement is actioned. I also understand that my evaluation and records may not be released to any other organisation without my written permission and consent. My assigned licensed Mental Health Professional is released from all liability that may arise from the information exchanged to PADs and its agents.

We reserve the right to refuse an application if the dog breed is deemed unsuitable for handlers needs.