Volunteer Agreement

Psychiatric Assistance Dogs Foundation (PADs) are committed to improving the quality of life and independence of people with psychiatric disabilities, by having a psychiatric assistance dog. As a volunteer with us, you are a critical part of this work. The trustees would like to thank you for your time and energy. We want you to enjoy volunteering and let you know what we can expect.

PADs will:

  • Introduce you to how the organisation works, your role within it and provide any training you need.
  • Treat you fairly with dignity and respect.
  • Consult with you on appropriate issues and keep you informed of any changes that impact upon you as a volunteer and/or volunteering generally.
  • Work within the values set out in our diversity and equality policies to help us represent the community we serve.
  • Apply our procedures appropriately should any problems arise.
  • Pay any out-of pocket expenses in accordance with our Volunteer Expenses Policy.

As a volunteer I will:

  • Treat other volunteers and staff fairly, with dignity and with respect.
  • Complete an initial 3-month trial period of my role.
  • Perform my volunteer role reliably and to the best of my ability following direction and guidance from my supervisor.
  • Conduct myself in a manner that does not risk damaging PADs good reputations.
  • Treat as confidential all information of PADs operations and personnel and not disclose these to people without authorisation, internally or externally.
  • Access and use resources including email, internet and supporter data only in accordance with our policies and procedures and only with proper authorisation.
  • Adhere to PADs social media guidelines if I am active on social media.
  • Discuss with my supervisor prior to delivering talks, publishing literature or communicating with the media about PADs.
  • Read policies, procedures and related documents I receive or have been given access to, and raise with my supervisor anything I am not clear on or would like to discuss further.
  • Drive only if I have a valid driving licence and current MOT and insurance.
  • Advise my supervisor of any medical conditions that could affect or be affected by my role.
  • Send any funds I raise or receive for PADs as soon as possible, as directed by my supervisor.
  • Return all PADs property promptly when I stop volunteering.

Should I enter into a further agreement with PADs in relation to a volunteer role, I accept that the terms of that agreement will prevail. This agreement is binding in honour only, and may be cancelled at any time by either of us. Neither of us intends any employment relationship to be created. Updates may be made from time to time. The latest version and other documents mentioned will always be on the Internet or from your Volunteering Coordinator.